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Top 3 Crime Drama With Female Leads

Top 3 Crime Drama With Female Leads

As the holidays draw closer, there are many television programs available for viewing. A crime drama with female leads is a popular choice.

The best way to find which one you’re interested in watching, and why they’re popular is by comparing and contrasting the shows to see which ones would work best with you and your family.

Here’s a list of the top crime dramas with female leads you can consider:

1. Murder Mystery

The number one show on television with female leads is Showtime’s Murder Mystery. This show has been on the air for several years and is currently running an episode, which is in the middle of a holiday.

The main character, Lisa, has a very close relationship with her daughter and feels like a part of her daughter’s world. She’s also very involved in her work, which she does well, but she also wants to do something exciting with her life.

The supporting cast of characters includes the beautiful Danny Masterson, who is the male lead of this show and has the perfect body. John Ritter plays the part of John Barrowman, Lisa’s boyfriend, who’s also extremely attractive.

2. Broadchurch

Broadchurch continues its reign as the best crime drama with female leads. The latest installment, starring Olivia Colman as Detective Stella Gibson and Chris Chibnall as detective chief inspector Alec Hardy, is now available on DVD.

There are several good reasons why this show is the best one around, including Stella and Alec’s strong performances. They both deserve awards, and there is little doubt that they will win many of them this year. This show also gets a lot of critical acclaims, so if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, you should give it a try.

3. The Killing

Based on a popular Scandinavian drama, ‘The Killing’ is a suspenseful, character-based detective procedural that weaves an intricate mystery through a season or more, depending on how well the series develops.

A devoted, committed detective with the Seattle Police department, Sarah Linden (Rebecca Bosley) is assigned as a mentor to the new rookie Detective Stephen Holder (David Duchovny). Unlike her predecessor, she isn’t a born sleuth. Her talents are developed while working in the field; she must learn the tricks of the trade and then put those skills to work in order to solve the case. She’s a scrappy, single-minded detective with a sharp mind and fierce loyalty to the profession; her loyalty also manifests in the fact that she’ll go to any extent possible to bring justice to the criminals she works with.

The Killing’s characters don’t always mesh well together; each reacts differently to the other’s methods. The show can become a bit predictable, especially when a suspect is identified, but its emotional intensity is usually enough to hold viewers’ interest.

The Killing’s first season was praised for its detailed investigation into the crimes it investigates, and the second season promises even greater depth; the end of season one left many fans wanting more. With such, many are already waiting anxiously to catch up on the show’s newest season.


The list above covers the most popular shows with female leads, but there are still many more to choose from. These are few of the crime dramas that have been on air over the past several years that have made many people excited for every season.

Depending on your preferred crime drama, you can choose one of the mentioned dramas above to watch for during the holidays.

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