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Review: ‘Til Lies Do Us Part (TV Movie 2007)

Review: ‘Til Lies Do Us Part (TV Movie 2007)

‘Til Lies Do Us Part directed by Robert Malenfant, is an American psychological thriller movie released in 2007. The movie stars some famous actors and actresses in the industry while advertising the executive Trey Mitchell who dines with his ex. His conservative and possessive wife Leeza gets suspicious about her husband’s acts when she hires a private investigator to keep an eye on his whereabouts. However the PI has different intentions for himself as he tries to eliminate Trey to gain Leeza by his side. However, the incident to murder and other unfortunate incident do the couple apart.

But, so they’re back together as their son Dylan wishes for it. The last half an hour of the movie is delusional for the views when Trickey rejects this deluded worshiper. Some of the movie fanatics and critics claim that the ending of the movie is rather disappointing, when compared to the suspense and thriller of the beginning half of the movie.


Summary of the movie

Like mentioned above, the movie is based on  a woman who suspects her husband’s behaviors and affairs with his ex and other women in town. This leads her to the path of hiring a Personal Investigator to spy on her husband. However, the PI himself becomes obsessed with his employer and goes beyond his ways to make her his. When his tactics fail to do the couple apart, the PI contemplates to murder her husband.

 Cast and crew members 

  • The movie is directed by the famous director Robert Malenfant who has proved exceptional work in the film industry.
  • Paula Trickey as Leeza Mitchell
  • Al Sapienza as Ethan Woods
  • Thomas Calabro as Trey Mitchell
  • Cynthia Preston as Jeanette
  • Pennell as Dylan Felix
  • Hagopian as Bob Dean

 Detailed Plot

The entire movie is based in Philadelphia, where a restaurant and food critic named Leeza Mitchell and ad man named Trey Mitchell fall in love and have been married for 10 years. They even have a nine-year-old son named Dylan Mitchell. Apart from the common and regular work stresses and other career related differences, they have been a happily married couple for 10 years. However, things take drastic turn when Mitchell’s ex girlfriend Jeanette Halston reenters his life. She hires him to work for her ad film campaign for her famous fashion house. Leeza suspects the relationship between the two as an affair base on circumstantial evidence — like why he comes home late and why Jeanetet is the only client he talks to late at night.

crew members 

Mitchell dodges all of Leeza’s questions, which increases her suspicion on their relationship. Taking advice from her best friend Sacha, Leeza hires a private investigator to learn about her husband’s whereabouts. He is the same PI hired named Ethan, by Sacha as well, which increases Leeza’s trust towards him.

Little did Leeza know about Ethan’s plan and his agenda to win her heart. This behavior towards her was a result of his situations from the past and his experiences. He also puts Leeza’s entire family in danger, and she is completely unaware of the situations taking turn under her nose.

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