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NYAA Torrent Take Down And Alternatives

NYAA Torrent Take Down And Alternatives

NYAA Torrents was considered as one of the most reliable and biggest resources for anime and other east Asian content. It included everything from Korean dramas to Chinese films and Japanese TV shows, which made it easy for many people to watch and download foreign content regardless of their locations. 

Unfortunately, NYAA Torrents was taken down in 2017, which shocked many users and led them to find some alternatives. The current status of NYAA Torrents is ServerHold,’ which means that the domain has been suspended due to serious copyright violations.  

Anime lovers and other regular users of NYAA Torrents have many options to choose from to stay up to date and fully stocked on their favorite Asian shows. For instance, Netflix has various shows from American to other nationalities’ shows. But if you want sites that focus on Asian and anime movies, here are some of the best alternatives available today: 

1. Shana Project

The majority of anime torrent websites dump countless content in this database and leave such files to users to sort through. One of the reasons why Shana Project is a good alternative for NYAA Torrents is that it collects high quality videos and makes it easy to browse. 

As a matter of fact, content is categorized by season and show with a convenient default sort on its home page in which you can easily access the newest files. Once you visit the website, you’ll see what’s new; older files are subbed and ready for everyone to enjoy. 

Unfortunately, one of the things you should take note of about the Shana Project is that it doesn’t have a lot of content, compared to some torrent communities out there. But you’ll surely appreciate its ease of use and focus on organization. 

2. AcgnX Torrent 

It takes pride from having numerous anime contents, which makes it a good alternative to NYAA Torrents. Users can upload torrents from different websites with a focus on quantity and speed, not on quality. HD videos and TV rips sit alongside one another, enabling you to scratch your anime itch without the need to wait for dubbed overseas releases. Moreover, classic content is stored in the deep archives of the website. This makes it easy to get the entire series for days of anime binging. 

On Acgnx Torrent, you’ll find comics, anime, games, live action shows, movies, fansubs, manga, and some Japanese content. However, not all of them are labeled in English. Still, it’s a great resource for the latest shows and you’ll get some new episodes the moment other users upload and release subtitles for them. 

3. AnimeBytes 

The community of AnimeBytes features thousands of torrents or downloads focused around Japanese media, everything from movies to anime, manga, and music. The classic series are easy to find and you can easily select releases of the currently-showing series. 

One of the best resources to download a whole series of anime, AnimeBytes also makes it easier for everyone to binge on shows. In addition to that, you’ll find a variety of video games and printed materials in case you need a break from anime. 

Unlike other torrent websites, AnimeBytes is actually a private torrent tracker. It just means that you can’t visit the website and get started with downloading your preferred content. You need to sign up for a membership first. 

4. Masterani 

It’s the first website to watch anime without the need to download anything through torrents. You only need to visit the website directly, look for your favorite anime episode, and play the content. The interface is like some streaming websites and everything is laid out clearly. 

Masterani has a total of four subcategories, which include top rating, top view weekly, popular, and top view today.’ Moreover, it offers a big range of genre of anime, from adventure to fantasy and sci-fi. Another cool feature that makes it unique from other sites is that it comes with a Kodi anime add-on, which won’t require you to watch through the browser. 

5. Tokyo Toshokan

It takes the minimalism concept to the extreme and ditches unappealing color schemes as well as banner images in favor of a basic and clean look that puts emphasis on the content. More and more people may also like that Tokyo Toshokan’s main page includes the latest releases, which indexes the Japanese content, games, fansubs, manga, and so on. You’ll also come across music and dramas, which makes it a good resource for more than just anime content. 


NYAA Torrents was no doubt a good anime resource for many people. In fact, finding the best replacement for it is hard. But it doesn’t mean that there aren’t alternatives to meet your unique needs. Just make sure to be extra cautious for malware and viruses when using various torrent websites to download your preferred media files. 

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