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Most High-Paying Hollywood Actors In 2020

Most High-Paying Hollywood Actors in 2020

Hollywood actors are always in demand, and some actors have the most high-paying roles available to them. While there are many actors with more than one part to play, several actresses have the most high-paying roles available to them.

The most popular roles that actresses can acquire include Love Interests, Heroes, Villains, and Action Guys. These movie genres are even made popular depending on who the actors are. Some of the top-paid and most sought-after stars that can turn a movie a hit are the following:

1. Dwayne Johnson

With a major global pandemic hit pause on our Hollywood infrastructure, Dwayne Johnson stands out as the highest-paid actor this year. He’s topping the box office as well as with the critical acclaim for his role in the new film, ‘Central Intelligence’. It has taken a while for Johnson to get going with acting roles, but he’s finally been rewarded with his first Oscar win (along with Michael Caine), and that kind of recognition will only help his reputation.

The top five highest-paying actors in Hollywood for next year are all occupied by well-known people who have a proven track record as entertainers so Johnson can take heart from that fact.

2. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is still one of the top-paid movie stars in 2020 despite the pandemic brought to the movie industry. Reynolds topped Forbes’ annual list of highest-paying female stars, published Tuesday, by raking in a whopping $87.4 million in the past year.

3. Mark Wahlberg

There’s no doubt that Mark Wahlberg has proven he’s one of the most successful actors in Hollywood and continues to soar high on the ladder of success.

If we look at the acting jobs that Mark Wahlberg has done, we can say that his roles are always the best. This includes starring roles in movies such as Kick-Ass, The Fighter, The Longest Yard, and finally Kings and the Sea.

As a result, Mark is well known throughout the world as an actor who has all the world’s skills and talent. Moreover, he has also created a massive following in America with his role in the highly acclaimed The Fighter movie. Aldo, he was nominated for the Oscar award for his role in this film.

Besides acting, one of the reasons Mark Wahlberg is on top of the list is his music. He’s known to have released four solo albums so far and continues to perform well despite his age. Moreover, he has written two books as well as creating two music videos.

4. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is has been one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors with a slew of projects under his belt. His upcoming film “Live By Night” will usher in a new phase for him in acting. Clint Eastwood directed this film and it has received the Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

However, there are other projects that the actor has in the pipeline, which may see him elevate his status even higher in the world of Hollywood. Thus, Ben Affleck has topped the highest-paid actors’ list for the past few years.


Being an actor indeed is rewarding as you’re not only well-known, but Hollywood actors can also earn millions of dollars. With their acting skills, their movies and roles will pay off. The four Hollywood actors are just a few others who make more millions in the movie industry.

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