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Most Famous Movie Genres In 2020

Most Famous Movie Genres In 2020

Hollywood is very good at picking out the most famous movie genres of all time. Some genres are more popular than others, and some genres are more likely to get a remake. Nowadays, you can watch whatever movie you want because the internet has made it possible. You just have to find sites like Netflix and others so you can watch various movies from around the world.

Try out these most popular movie genres in 2020 when looking for movies to watch:

1. Classic Movie Genre

The classic movie genre is probably the most well known of all of them. It’s no surprise that the Twilight Saga franchise is such a big hit.

These movies are mostly about a hero who saves the world from evil. It doesn’t matter if the protagonist fights all by himself or if he has an entire army of allies and friends by his side.

2. Movies with a Theme

Movies generally have a theme, whether it’s about love or revenge. This will become increasingly popular in the coming years as more themes are added. For instance, if you look back at the James Bond films you’ll notice that he was always fighting against some sort of evil.

A good theme is one that encourages action.

3. Fantasy Genre

This is also a popular genre as it includes movies that take place in a world filled with dragons, elves, and other magical beings.

These movies involve fantasy elements where a story is set up in a world where giants, fairies, dragons, unicorns, and other creatures and people live. It’s also a prevalent theme, which seems surreal, in movies today.

4. Comedy Genre

Comedy films will always have the highest box office figures. Movies like Dumb and Dumber and Anchorman have become classics. You can expect comedies to continue being one of the most popular types of movies in 2020 and the coming years.

This is a movie genre that revolves around someone doing some silly thing. Some movies take place in the future and some in the past.

5. Sci-Fi Genre

Sci-Fi movies are almost as old as mankind itself. They tend to center around a futuristic place. Famous science fiction movies that almost everybody knows were made within this fantasy genre. They include: The Lord of the Rings, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Star trek, and Star trek into the unknown. Other examples include Star trek: The Wrath of Khan, Planet of the Apes, Star trek: Enterprise, and the Alien vs. Predator.

Science fiction movies are the most popular of all of them. Movies centered around aliens, space ships, machines, and aliens can be found in this category.

Sci-Fi genre has been around for many years, but it’s only recently that movies centered around the future have been made. These movies usually revolve around the future of Earth or the universe in general. 


When the biggest and most popular movie genres are combined, there’s a much greater chance that movies will become a blockbuster than movies that aren’t. The only thing left for a movie to accomplish is to break the record for being the highest-grossing movie ever.

Once a movie has set the record, then many other significant franchises will follow. So the chances of a new movie breaking that record are quite high. 

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