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Top 6 Film Trends For 2020

Top 6 Film Trends For 2020

While Hollywood’s future is uncertain, there are some top film trends for 2020 that could give the industry a shot in the arm.

Some of them are the following, and film producers should keep abreast with them to be successful in the industry:

1. Rising Popularity Of Superhero Movies

One of the top movie trends for the next decade is the success of superhero films. With the success of “X-Men,” there’s a good chance that there’ll be another installment in the series in the near future. While some may want to wait and see if another “X-Men” movie will be released before deciding a sequel, this franchise’s success has opened the door to other superhero franchises.

Franchises such as “Avengers: Age of Ultron” have provided the industry with a boost of confidence for other superhero franchises that are waiting for their turn at the top of the box office charts.

2. Increasing Success Of Animated Movies

Over the years, the success of animated movies has been a big surprise. Disney’s “Frozen” success has led to the rise of an entire animation genre of films. With animated films produced by the big screen giants now in high demand, you can expect more animation films to follow suit.

3. More Female Leads On Movies

Another one of the top movie trends for the next decade is the rise of female leads. With the successes of “Frozen,” “Cinderella,” and the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast,” the future looks very bright for female lead movies on the big screen.

4. Watching On Streaming Sites

The most popular trend in the film industry is the rising popularity of home video. With the rise of the internet and Netflix’s popularity, more people are seeing their favorite shows online rather than being broadcast on television.

It’s because viewers get to enjoy many benefits when using Netflix.

5. Using Of HD TVs

New trends also include the introduction of high definition television. More people are moving from the large screen to the smaller screens, and more people are turning to streaming high definition digital video over satellite TV for quality entertainment. This means the sky’s the limit when it comes to the possibilities in television.

Many people are turning to the new medium for pictures as the world becomes more digital. Many people are also turning to digital video for their entertainment needs.

6. Producing Films Using High-Tech Equipment

As the technology that has swept across the film industry continues to grow exponentially, more filmmakers are looking toward the future with high-tech equipment and cutting edge editing methods. With the arrival of high-end, digital SLR cameras, and high-definition (HD) video, the future of filmmaking is on the horizon.

For producers, this means they must invest in the latest technology to be the most competitive in the marketplace.


With all the changes happening in Hollywood and the entertainment industry, the next decade is exciting and promising. Trends can only be expected to change over the next several years.

As mentioned, these are just some of the things that will be around for the film industry.

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