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How TV Can Still Be Entertaining Over Popular Movie Streaming Options 

How TV Can Still Be Entertaining Over Popular Movie Streaming Options 

Online streaming became popular as many users prefer to watch shows on-demand as opposed to waiting for a specific time slot. Thus, it eliminated the need to rush home from school to catch up on your favorite shows. Instead, you can now access a preferred streaming portal like Netflix to watch TV shows and movies.

However, TV can still be entertaining when compared to watching movies on streaming portals. Here’s how: 

 1. Lower Extra Costs

Many homes now have access to the Internet. Adding another line for streaming purposes might not be an ideal choice for specific households. Therefore, watching movies on cable TV may help lower the costs of adding an extra Internet line. An Internet connection might only be useful for specific tasks like communicating over messaging apps, emailing, and browsing social media.

If you’re a student, adding another Internet line for streaming might not help your current budget. The money you pay for living expenses and school needs might be enough for the period. Entertainment by watching online movies might become challenging if the current Internet speed in your dwelling isn’t up to par. Thus, you may find exciting films to watch from inexpensive cable TV channels.  

Also, if you’re not a fan of online movie streaming, you can see different TV channels offer the latest movies for you. Channel surfing may also be an excellent idea to search for new programs and films you might be interested in watching.

2. New Content

As mentioned, you can discover new shows and movies to watch while browsing TV channels. Online movie streaming may still be an excellent option to watch on-demand films. Still, you might not know about a specific title, which may be a hidden gem among the thousands of shows available. 

Start by opening a cable TV guide. Next, list all the shows or films you want to watch along with their time slots. Another option is to contact your cable service provider if you don’t have access to a particular channel. Remember, not all TV services are available in specific areas. For example, certain CW shows like Black Lightning might be available in one state, but the same title might not be readily accessible in other areas.

3. No Hidden Costs 

Many online streaming services don’t let users pay anything yet. You can watch specific films for free, but the selection of titles might not be as impressive as you think. So, if you want to watch the more popular shows from these portals, you need to pay extra. Again, that may not be a viable option for a college student trying to pay student fees.  

On the other hand, many cable TV channels will give you famous movies without letting you pay another cent. For example, HBO has several award-winning films you can watch like: 

  • Mavis! 
  • Argo 
  • Birdman 

Still, you may need to pay your cable service provider to gain access to a particular channel. However, every film that you watch from that channel won’t carry any extra or hidden fees.

4. Sports and News Channels

Movie streaming options prioritize giving users the liberty to watch specific films and TV shows on-demand. However, these streaming portals may not have sports channels. A sports fan in your home might feel left out knowing other household members enjoy watching movies over sports events. 

A cable TV service may offer channels for people who want to know the latest happenings in the world of sports. For students in school sports teams, you can enhance your love for these games by watching live sporting events, basketball highlights, and player interviews on TV. 

Aside from sports, movie streaming portals may not offer the latest local and international news. So, while you may know what’s about to happen to the action star by the end of the film, you might not know about the current political standing of your state. 

Specific TV channels can offer the latest news so that you can be up-to-date about the events happening in your neighborhood or country.

5. No Internet Connection Required

With online streaming, you need to gain access to the Internet. Internet service providers cannot offer a 100% uptime for their services. Thus, there might come a time when you can’t watch films from streaming portals because of the lack of an Internet connection. However, you can still watch movies and other shows on TV without Internet. 

Also, not everyone has high-speed Internet to enjoy uninterrupted streaming. Homes in rural areas may only have decent Internet speed for basic online tasks. 


Watching movies on TV still has its perks in comparison to enjoying films on online streaming options. You can catch shows with great endings and other films with excellent plots on cable TV. Nonetheless, shop around for the best TV package to help fulfill your movie-viewing needs.  

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