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9 Netflix Tips And Secret Hacks Everyone Should Know About

9 Netflix Tips and Secret Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Everyone loves Netflix. It’s something that almost everyone can agree on. It’s convenient, affordable, and fully customizable.   

But did you know that you could do a lot more with your Netflix account than you thought? In this article, we take a look at a couple of Netflix hacks that you can never live without. 

From changing your content to a list of secret codes, we’ve got you covered.   

1. Change Your Content with a VPN  

Depending on where you are in the world, your content is different. Let’s say you have a Netflix account from the United States—you won’t be able to access the media in it unless you use a virtual private network (VPN). This is because Netflix content is geo-restricted.   

A VPN will allow you to mask which country you are in and will enable you to watch the shows that you were watching back home.   

However, not all will work with Netflix. There are some VPNs that Netflix can see through. So make sure you check out what people have been saying about a VPN before going out and buying the first subscription you see.   

2. Stop Showing People What You’ve Been Watching 

A lot of people are embarrassed over that one show that they’ve watched that is now affecting their suggestions on Netflix because the algorithm decided that it would show you more programs like that.   

If you are conscious about people judging your viewing choices, there’s a simple fix to this: go to settings and uncheck “Netflix Suggests” on your list and make sure that you’ve selected “Manual Ordering.”   

Now, no one will know you’re into tearjerkers when you boot up your account.   

3. Get Better Quality  

Although it won’t fix your computer running slow, this fix will help you get faster buffers instead. It’s found that you can get better quality if you decide to binge on shows really late at night or early in the morning. It might be inconvenient for you, but if you want quicker buffer times, and you’ve got the time for it, why not?   

4. Get Rid of the Moochers  

Are you sick and tired of paying for everyone riding off of your Netflix account? It’s time to get rid of unwanted people mooching off your account with this quick setting. Go to Settings and sign out of all devices. In this way, nobody will be able to ride off of your account anymore.   

Make sure to change your password afterward.  

5. Turn Your Shows into Audiobooks 

 There’s an audio option in some titles that allow you to select “Audio Description,” which now lets you hear the dialogue and have a narrator describe what is happening on-screen. This makes it useful for people who don’t feel like watching a show and want to listen to it while focusing on or doing something else. 

6. Use Netflix Codes to Get What You Really Want  

Did you know that there are more than 75,000 sub-genres on Netflix and if you know the codes to what you want to watch, you can quickly get to those genres by inputting the codes? 

For example, if you’re into Action Comedies, input 43040, or Comic Book and Superhero Movies, 10118. You can quickly type their codes into the search box and get the content that you’ve been craving for. Now, isn’t that neat? 

7. Optimize for HD

A lot of people are not optimizing to watch HD videos on Netflix, and this is an absolute waste of money if you’ve got the device for it, the subscription, and the internet to go along with it. Quickly check it out by going to Netflix’s HD Toggle page. 

8. Change How Your Subtitles Look 

Subtitles are subtitles, but if you want to give them a little bit of flair or if you’re tired of how they look, you can always switch out their appearance or layout. Go to your account settings and look for the option marked “Subtitle Appearance.” These options will allow you to change the font and sizing of your subtitles. 

All changes that you make here will also be reflected on the mobile devices you’re logged into. 

9. Request for Something on Netflix! 

Did you know that if you can’t find what you want to watch, you can always request for Netflix to try and get ahold of it? If you go to Netflix’s Help page, you can request for titles. No one really knows how they figure out which ones to prioritize, but it could be based on the number of requests. 


Netflix might be in the red due to numbers not going as high as they would want them—plus, the looming launch of Disney+ will soon crowd the market—but it will always be a favorite. 

Make sure you are not missing out on all these cool features. Do not limit your Netflix experience with these simple hacks you can use to supercharge your entertainment experience today. Who says you can’t be efficient and effective on the couch? 

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